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Edvard Munch in the National Museum

The National Museum’s collection of paintings and works on paper by Edvard Munch contains many of the artist’s most significant creations.

These works, internationally the best known part of the museum’s collection, came to the National Gallery (now part of the National Museum) partly through purchase and partly thanks to generous donations.

The collection encompasses both early and late works from the artist’s career, such as the iconic The Scream and Madonna. Here we find portraits, landscapes, and motifs from the “Frieze of Life” series. The first Munch painting acquired by the National Gallery was the evocative Night in Nice, purchased at the National Annual Autumn Exhibition in 1891 for 200 kroner. Collectively, the museum’s Munch collection offers an excellent cross-section of the artist’s development.

Here we present a selection of the museum’s artworks by Edvard Munch, covering the period from the early 1880s through to 1919.

Edvard Munch. Highlights from the Collection